With sharply contrasting colors, dramatic lighting, and unique geological formations, Zion National Park is a dream come true for photographers. In this article, we describe a few of the best locations for capturing unforgettable images of some of Zion's best known attractions. If you'd like more information, feel free to contact us. We're happy to help.

Canyon Overlook

  • Location: Canyon Overlook
  • Scene: Zion Canyon

Canyon Overlook is considered by many to be the best overall location for photographing Zion Canyon. Views at sunrise are especially nice due to the way early morning light hits the East Temple. You can also get great shots of Zion Canyon at sunset from this location.

Canyon Overlook is easy to get to, requiring only a half-mile hike down Canyon Overlook Trail. The trailhead is located at a small parking lot, off Utah SR-9, just past the Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel. The trail is open year-round, and is very popular with photographers and hikers.

Canyon Junction Bridge

  • Location: Canyon Junction Bridge
  • Scene: The Watchman and Virgin River

From the Canyon Junction Bridge, you can photograph one of Zion's most iconic scenes: The Virgin River leading to The Watchman. This is one of the most popular destinations for photography buffs in the country.

The best time to photograph this scene is sunset; however, you'll have plenty of company. Canyon Junction Bridge is one of Zion's most popular locations for photographers. Dozens of photographers in this relatively small area are common at sunset. Fortunately, you can also get excellent shots at sunrise and at night with much less company.

Getting to Canyon Junction Bridge is easy. Simply follow Utah SR-9 to a small parking area just past Zion's Visitor Center entrance. Another option is to park at the Visitor Center and follow the Pa'rus Trail to the Virgin River.

Zion Human History Museum

  • Location: Behind the Zion Human History Museum
  • Scene: Towers of the Virgin

From the back patio of the Zion Human History Museum, you can get great photographs of the Towers of the Virgin. When you look at the Towers of the Virgin from the museum, you're facing west, so the best time of day for photographing the scene is sunrise. You can also get good results at sunset, especially on cloudy days.

The Zion Human History Museum is just 1.5 miles from Zion's south entrance, and it's the Zion Canyon Shuttle's second stop. Because it's so accessible, this location is very popular with photographers. Expect large crowds, particularly at sunrise.

Court of the Patriarchs Viewpoint

  • Location: Court of the Patriarchs Viewpoint (short, steep trail to viewpoint of the Three Patriarchs and Mount Moroni)
  • Scene: Court of the Patriarchs

As the name suggests, Court of the Patriarchs Viewpoint is the location of the Court of the Patriarchs, three majestic sandstone peaks. The peaks–Abraham Peak, Isaac Peak, and Jacob Peak–are adjacent to two additional formations, Mount Moroni and The Sentinel. You can get excellent photos of all these features early in the morning and late in the afternoon. However, Court of the Patriarchs Viewpoint is a very popular location for photographers, and you can expect to encounter crowds throughout the day.

Court of the Patriarchs is the Zion Canyon Shuttle's fourth stop. Getting a good view of the peaks requires a very easy two-minute hike along the shortest trail in Zion.

Observation Point

  • Location: Observation Point
  • Scene: Zion Canyon

Observation Point is one the best locations you'll find for capturing the raw beauty of Zion National Park. From the point, you have unobstructed, 270-degree views of the park. You can get shots of many of Zion's best–known attractions, including of the Virgin River, Angels Landing, West Rim Trail, the Watchman, and the Court of the Patriarchs. For unique photos from Observation Point, try going there on a cloudy day.

Getting to Observation Point is not easy. It requires a very strenuous hike along Observation Point Trail. This eight-mile round-trip hike has an elevation gain of 2,100 feet, and takes a few hours to complete. The good news is, because of the hike's difficulty, you won't have to deal with the large crowds associated with other Zion locations.